WATCH: 6 Questions With Riyadh K, Presenter Of 'Queer Britain'

Riyadh K, the presenter of Queer Britain, holding a bunch of balloons in front of a bush and red brick house

Riyadh Khalaf travelled all around the UK to film his docu-series ‘Queer Britain’ which will be released this weekend


We caught up with Riyadh Khalaf before his BBC III docu-series Queer Britain airs this weekend on Sunday, May 7. The six part series Queer Britain looks at the range of experiences that LGBT people across the UK can have including religious LGBT people, people who became homeless because of their sexuality, political porn and more.

BBC revealed that the show would take a look at the lives of  “16-35 year-old” LGBT people across the UK through the experiences of Irish YouTuber Khalaf:

“Riyadh – who has a Middle Eastern and Irish heritage – uses his own personal experiences to explore issues affecting many 16-35 year-old LGBTQ+ people across the UK. Across the series, Riyadh meets those sleeping rough as a consequence of their sexuality, those who are shunned by the LGBTQ+ community to going behind the scenes with performers from the highly successful club night, Sink The Pink.”

Khalaf, who spent months travelling across the UK to film Queer Britain is “incredibly excited” for the show to be released this weekend.

“This was a real passion-project which has moved, inspired and educated me in more ways than I ever could have imagined,” he says.

“The series pulls no punches and goes straight to the heart of the issues facing LGBTQ+ people in the UK today. At times it’ll make you feel uncomfortable, shocked and maybe even upset, but overall I think you will see the beauty and diversity of this community in its full glory. This is a raw representation of modern Queer life – the highs, the lows and the high heels!”

We asked Riyadh to use his unique vantage point as an Irish gay man living in London to shed some light on the differences between the LGBT community in the UK, masculinity, coming out, porn activists and more. Check it out in the video below.

Queer Britain will be available on the BBC iPlayer this Sunday, May 7.

Image: BBC3.

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