WATCH: Anti-Gay Mother's Day Protester Gets Slushied

mother's day

One angry woman decided to take to the streets with an anti-gay Mother’s Day sign. She was in for one cold, wet surprise. Ouch.


Christine Weick, a Michegan author and born-again Christian, held an anti-gay sign at a busy intersection on Sunday – Mother’s Day in the States. Her sign read, “Thank your mom today for not being gay.”

Obviously, this did not go down well! One angry by-passer hurled a Slushie at her, Glee style.

mother's day


After the incident, Weick, a born again Christian posted this to her Facebook page:

Yes… this was my Mother’s Day. The day was full of surprises too. I did not expect the media to get involved, let alone tape the attack! The young man standing next to me that was holding the f**k her sign actually apologised and changed the sign after a number of people scolded him. Please pray for Zack as I was able to share the Gospel with him.


Reporters were on the scene to catch the events unfolding (We can only assume that it was a slow news day.)

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