Watch: The Beautiful "A Kiss From Your Lips" Short Video

a kiss from your lips

A Kiss From Your Lips tells the story of two women who just want to dance with each other, in a time when it was not acceptable.


A Kiss From Your Lips is a one-shot short – released on Valentine’s Day – that puts a twist on the typical dance scene where the girl gets swept off her feet by some random guy; instead it focuses on one woman’s attempt to push aforementioned random guy and dance with her girlfriend. It is part of a larger love story Allison Tate-Cortese and Jennifer Vogel wrote together.

“We are, in our hearts, swing dancers, not that you can tell that from our actual moves,” Allison told Autostraddle, “It’s one of the things that brought us together. When we’re out dancing people assume we’re only dancing with each other because we’re waiting for gentlemen to ask us to dance. Not the case! We couldn’t help but imagine how different things were decades ago, when simply dancing together, not to mention loving each other, was something that was much more dangerous.”

“This is a Valentine,” Allison said, “for people whose stories haven’t yet been told.”

Watch below:

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