Watch: First Full 'Orange Is The New Black' Trailer

orange is the new black

‘Orange is the New Black’ is back this summer with season 2 – and after watching this new trailer, June 6 can’t come soon enough!


We’ve been waiting patiently, and the Netflix gods have provided. The new trailer for Orange is the New Black  does not disappoint! Some new footage has finally answered some of our questions about what will happen to Piper and the gang – but has also raised quite a few more…

What we know for sure:

  •  Litchfield will have a few new inmates
  • Alex (Laura Prepon) WILL appear in season 2
  • Bennett and Daya are still an item
  • At long last, Crazy Eyes might have found her prison wife
  • Piper was locked up in the SHU, and has turned into a bad ass!
  • Larry is still in the picture?
  • Morello is out of prison
  • Red has one hell of a score to settle with a new inmate!

All be will revealed on June 6!







Watch the trailer below.

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