WATCH: Critically Acclaimed Irish Gay Short 'Staccato' Is Now Available Online

Staccato tells the story of a gay couple who have kept their romance a secret and the moral and ethical power-play that involves both of their families, and a betrayal that can never be forgiven.


Sean is a young labourer, newly appointed to tend the grounds of Falgirth, a manor in 19th century Ireland. He works diligently in the garden, sending his wages home to his ailing mother in Cobh.

He is also entwined in a secret romance with Thomas Croydon, the Master of the House – a pianist rehearsing for his debut performance.

As the concert draws nearer, Thomas senses his lover’s passion waning and enacts a desperate scheme to cut Sean off from his former life, plunging them both into a moral chasm from which neither will emerge innocent or unscathed.

What results is a power-play that involves both of their families, and a betrayal that can never be forgiven?

Staccato was the only Irish short among the 21 international films selected as part of DC Independent Film Festival. It was also one of only 80 short films chosen, with over 2,500 submissions overall.

It has been part of the official selection at Washington DC Independent Film Festival, Kashish Mumbai International Film Festival and QFlix Philadelphia International Film Festival.

“Staccato digs deep into the psyches of two men from very different worlds who must navigate the waters of infatuation, all the while struggling to come to terms with what’s expected in the roles society has set for them,” explain the film’s creators.

The film really succeeds in creating an eye-catching mise en scene, with beautifully framed scenes though out by cinematographer Miguel Angel Viñas and production designer Sorcha Dianamh.

It is all tied together through the wonderful direction of Eoghan McQuinn, producer Caroline Kealy and Editor Dylan Knapp.

It has also received many positive reviews online and has almost 100,000 views on YouTube.

You can watch the full film below:

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