Watch: Daniel Radcliffe Gives Coming Out Advice

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‘Harry Potter’ star Daniel Radcliffe has given a young man advice on how to come out to his parents, saying, “if they’re your parents, they’ll love you.”


While promoting his new film HornsBuzzfeed asked the actor to be a guest ‘Agony Uncle’ and answer awkward questions from young fans, from everything from being gay to career advice.

One of the questions was from a 21 year-old fan who wasn’t sure how to come out to his mother and father. It read, “I’m 21 and gay, my friends know but I’m terrified of telling my parents. Should I keep it quiet or if I should tell them, how’s best to break it to them?”

Radcliffe, who played gay in his film Kill Your Darlings, responded, “Okay dude. I’m very sorry, this is not a question for me. I cannot give advice on this. I don’t know your parents…I don’t know the situation.

“I would say in the long run this is gonna be something they should know about and you’re going to have to deal with it either way.

“And if they’re your parents, they’ll love you, so don’t worry. But I hope that that goes well for you, but maybe talk to other people that know your parents.”

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