WATCH: Diners Defend Drag Queen Son From Parents

In a segment of "What Would You Do?" a couple meets their son, dressed in drag, for a meal that goes awry.

Diners Defend Drag Queen Son From Unsupportive Parents

ABC’s What Would You Do? released another heartwarming, tear-jerking queer segment on July 6th. RuPaul’s Drag Race star Monét X Change joins host John Quiñones to find out if patrons at a Brooklyn diner would defend or agree with the parents of a drag queen.

This version features actors playing a mother, a father and a son dressed in drag. The parents disapprove of their son’s makeup, dress and lifestyle in a Brooklyn diner to see what other patrons would do. While a few did voice their criticism, most supported the drag queen.


The couple’s son joins them for lunch, dressed in his drag persona- Jackie. She was wearing a sparkly purple jumpsuit with purple hair styled like a diva and a full face of makeup. The parents, played by actors, immediately disapprove of their son’s look. As a tearful Jackie heads to the bathroom, a customer tells the parents, “There are worse things. Glass is half full. There are worse things. That’s his job.” She said she would “absolutely” go to Jackie’s show and was envious of her body.

Later in the segment, the parents left Jackie in the diner, alone and crying. One customer offered a hug and invited her to sit with them.

One of the girls offered some words of wisdom saying, “As long as you do what you love, who cares who supports you?”.

Another man told the drag queen from across the room, “You look beautiful.”

Only one group of diners featured sided with the unsupportive parents telling them that they “feel sorry for you”. However, the woman quickly admitted she was conflicted over how to feel as she understands both sides.

A female diner was unable to look away as the family drama unfolded in front of her. The mother asked her point blank, “Wouldn’t you be embarrassed?” as the woman replied with a swift “No.”

In a tear-jerking moment, she revealed to the parents that she had just come from the cemetery where her son is buried. She urged them to love their son for all that he is because at least he’s alive.

A diner closeby jumped in to share his own experiences.

“My son is gay too. He came out when he was 16,” the man said. “I had to accept it. It was a hard thing to accept but it is what it is.”

He even confessed that he tried to force his son to undergo conversion therapy but said, “I was trying to brainwash him. It’s just not him.”

The man encouraged the parents to accept their drag queen son and move on or they could lose him forever.

“You just have to have an open heart,” he said. “You can’t be closed.”

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