WATCH: Irish Drag Diva Bunny Lends Her Vocal Talents To 'Bingo'!

The dragtastic Bunny O'Hare teams up with Scott. The Pigeon on new track 'Bingo', coming to a dancefloor, pre-party and afterparty near you.

Drag queen Bunny posing against the bar of The George

One of the busiest drag queens in the country, Miss Bunny O’Hare, or Bunny to you, has decided to extend her reign to the dance floor as well as the stage, by lending her vocals to a new club thumper. Teaming up with Scott. The Pigeon, the pair have hatched the anthem ‘Bingo’. Wonder where the inspiration for the title came from?

The video features a bevy of bronzed male beauties obviously enjoying the surprisingly decent weather Ireland’s been getting recently by wearing very little. Hope you lashed on the sunscreen, lads! Unfortunately we can’t really make an accompanying Smash Hits style lyric sheet as a couple of the couplets would have the more sensitive soul clutching at their pearl necklaces.

A mainstay of The George stage, (now where did that title come from again? Nope, nothing’s coming to us.) Bunny hosts the weekly “Win Lose or Drag” night with drag king supreme, Phil T. Gorgeous. Where’s your single, Phil?!

Describing herself as “the little porcelain doll that you just want to crack…but that would be manslaughter, so don’t even think about it!” Bunny was also the compere for the sadly missed Pantibar cabaret night “Bunny’s Hutch”.

Wicked Dublin MPU

Perhaps Bunny was inspired to branch out into the world of hard core dance floor fillers by her experience hosting Drag Aerobics at the Body And Soul festival back in June. Holding court on the Mother stage, the limber beauty got hundreds of people to their feet for a spandex extravaganza of kicking and twirling, preceeded by some much needed stretching of course.

Power is such an addictive feeling, watching all those revellers under her spell along with thoughts of dance floors gyrating to the sound of her voice must have proved too tempting. We understand completely.

Congrats on the track, Mr Pigeon and Mz O’Hare, perhaps this could be the opener of a whole album of dragtastic tunes? We know you’re thinking the same thing. Bingo!

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