Watch: Dublin Vigil For Orlando [VIDEO]

flowers and rainbow candles at the dublin vigil for Orlando

Paula Geraghty from Trade Union TV was at the Dublin vigil for Orlando on Monday night and made this video to capture the event and how people felt about it

On Monday 13 June 2016, three LGBT organisations – GLEN, BeLonG To and TENI – organised a Dublin vigil for Orlando, the victims of the mass shooting, and their friends and families. Paula Geraghty from Trade Union TV was there to capture the event on video.

Paula Geraghty explains why she produced this video, referencing the news machine that gives LGBT lives too short a time in mass media to allow for proper reflection.

“I wanted something that was longer. That could breathe a bit,” Puala said. “Allow space to take it all in. It only hit when all the names were called out. All those Latino names.

“Family, big, messy, diverse, queer. Queer. Claiming space to grieve even though the battle to locate this within a political narrative that suits the status quo in its over processed 24/7 news cycle.”

At the beginning, an American is seen speaking into his phone: “Irish people are here supporting Orlando and the US. Don’t be afraid to go out for Pride, stand together in solidarity.”

Our own Lisa Connell explains why people came to the vigil: “I’m a queer person and we’re here today to stand in solidarity with our queer family in Orlando.

“And I’m just so sad for those poor people and their friends and family and loved ones.”

Amy Howell, draped in a rainbow flag had this to say: “I’m here because I just want to show solidarity with the Orlando victims.”

During the service, the names of the confirmed dead were read out by members of BeLonG To, TENI and GLEN, adorned with rainbow colours, followed by a moments silence to pay respect to those who were murdered.

Following the silence, Dublin’s gay choir, Glória, sang a poignant rendition of ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’ from the Wizard of Oz to send off the victims with love and admiration.

You can watch the full video below.


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