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To coincide with the release of her brand new single “EDC”, Elaine Mai has released this incredible video to go alongside it which will make you feel ALL of the feelings.


The video is directed by the uber talented Bob Gallagher, and focuses on lots of different types of couples and their relationships with each other – partners, sisters, brothers, friends and even pet friends! It will warm the coldest of hearts.

Elaine and Bob spoke to Elaine Buckley about how the video was shot:

Q: What inspired the concept for the video? They lyrics obviously lend themselves very well to it – but, was their something from ‘the wider world’ that triggered the idea?
Bob: Elaine had initially approached me looking to do the EDC video and the brief was to do something simple, and she had come up with the idea of having couples write thoughts on a board for the camera. After talking about it a bit we broadened it out to be about relationships where the people involved weren’t necessarily couples, but people who were important to each other, and who would have a degree of intimacy in their interactions. The boards then became more of a reveal for what each relationship was, and the idea would be that the interactions would keep you guessing. To me the song is a very sincere and honest declaration of love, and having someone important in your life, and I think people find that love or that comfort in all different types of relationships.
Elaine M: The song itself is about relationships, the value of them, the people in our lives and what they mean to us, so I wanted to make a video that echoed this and I think Bob really hit the nail on the head.  In terms of the wider world, I think nowadays we can be so busy and caught up that it’s easy to forget how amazing it is to have someone important to us in our lives, to meet up with or come home to.  I think the video manages to capture intimate moments between people who clearly mean a lot to each other.  It’s feel good and I think we can always do with a bit of that.

Q. How did you find the pairings of people who participated? Was there a specific brief of demographic range you wanted to fill, or was it just a case of ‘come one come all, the more the merrier’?
Bob: We advertised for people to come in through a few blogs, and of course rounded up some willing friends. The brief was very open, all ages, and all kinds of relationships, we just wanted people to come in pairs with someone they care about. At the time we thought maybe we wouldn’t have enough but once we got into the edit we realized how little time you have to explore the dynamics of each relationship there, so in the end we had plenty of people, and luckily each pair we got had their own strengths and personality. It was tough in the end to fit everyone in but we managed to include everyone who came over the two days.


The single is available to buy now on iTunes and all of the proceeds from downloads in February will go directly to Marriage Equality, which is pretty fantastic.

Elaine is playing in the Workman’s Club this coming Sat 15th February, with support from Cat Dowling and Sleep Thieves. Doors at 8pm, tickets €8.

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