WATCH: First look at 'The L Word: Generation Q'

In 'The L Word: Generation Q', Beals, Hailey and Moennig will resume their original roles alongside a new generation of diverse characters.

The L Word: Generation Q

Showtime has released the first teaser of the highly anticipated sequel of groundbreaking drama series ‘The L Word’: ‘The L Word: Generation Q’.

The OG ‘L Word‘ revolutionised a generation and this winter the highly anticipated sequel debuts.

Returning cast members Jennifer Beals (Bette), Kate Moennig (Shane) and Leisha Hailey (Alice) will resume their original roles alongside a new group of diverse, self-possessed LGBT+ characters experiencing love, heartbreak, sex, setbacks and success in LA.

The original groundbreaking series starred Jennifer Beals, Leisha Hailey, Katherine Moennig, Pam Grier, Mia Kushner and Laurel Holloman, and did what no other show on TV had done up until then, or since. It showed that lesbians could be more than stereotypically butch, femme or any different sort of caricature.

It showed queer relationships in a new, complex way and gave lesbian characters and story-lines air time like never before. There hasn’t been anything like it on TV since, so the arrival of a new season full of brand new characters is just so flippin’ exciting.

The trailer has given us some insight into what the original cast has been up to. Alice is the host of a TV show, Bette is running for Mayor of Los Angeles, and it seems Tina is currently out of the picture and Shane is still busy being a total snack.

It’s unclear if any of the rest of the original cast will make an appearance, but joining the ranks are a host of new characters bringing more diversity to the show which was criticised for depicted a limited view of the queer experience.

The L Word: Generation Q

Leo Sheng, who is transgender plays a professor called Micah, Rosanny Zayas plays TV producer Sophie Suarez and Bette and Tina’s now teenage daughter is being played by newcomer Jordan Hull.

When the show’s subtitle, ‘Generation Q’, was announced earlier this year, it sparked some controversy from members of the lesbian community who don’t identify with the term ‘queer’ but others found this a refreshing new take.

One other thing we hope is changed from the original show is the cringetastic theme tune. Judging from the addition of Lizzo’s bop ‘Better In Colour’ to the soundtrack of the trailer, it seems they have upped their game musically.

The L Word: Generation Q debuts on Showtime December 8.

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