Watch: Iranian 'Modern Family' Rip Off


Iran’s answer to ‘Modern Family’ is a frame by frame remake of the ABC show, but can you guess who they left out?


Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting’s Haft Sang is almost identical to it’s US counterpart, except it may not be as modern as the original. In this side-by-side comparison clip we see each frame from the first episode played out the exact same. Same props, same stage direction, same gags. One big difference? Cameron is replaced by a woman.

It’s worth noting that the creators of Modern Family have no affiliation with the blatantly plagiarised Iranian sitcom.

While homosexuality among men is punishable by death in Iran (and women can face 50 lashes if caught with another woman), it’s not surprising that the remake decided to forgo the gay relationship. What is baffling however, is why they even decided to do a remake at all!


Watch the clip below.



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