Watch: Jane Lynch "It Was Like I Had A Disease"


Glee actress Jane Lynch talks about her experiences growing up gay, and how moving to New York city changed her life.


The new web series It Got Better from L Studio features LGBT celebrities sharing their early struggles with sexuality or gender identity.

In this episode, Jane Lynch talks about the moment she realised that she was gay and how moving out of her rural town to the Big Apple changed her life completely.

She says,

“It was almost like I had a disease I had been diagnosed. I had a journal and … I remember I wrote, ‘I am gay. No one can ever know this.’ And I went four blocks away and threw it out in somebody else’s garbage. It led to a life of secrecy that I had to unravel.

“I identified more with boy things. I enjoyed dressing like a boy, but the boys stopped wanting to play with me when I got to be about 10 and I had to fight to play baseball.”

Watch the entire video below.

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