Watch: Janet Mock Asks Reporter, "Do YOU Have A Vagina?"

janet mock

Trans activist and author Janet Mock, makes a point about the types of invasive questions that she is sometimes asked in interviews. She turns the tables on reporter, Alicia Menendez.


Mock asks Menendez some similar questions to ones that she has been asked in the past,  to demonstrate how inappropriate these intimate questions can be. She asks, “Do you have a vagina?” and “Who was the first person you told you were cis to?”

Menendez, who came up with the idea of the reverse interview, admitted that she wouldn’t have though twice about asking certain questions.

She said, “Coming into this, I thought we needed to know [those questions] as a way of bridging an understanding… when you have the questions turned on you, I understand how much more intimate those questions feel. ”


Watch the interview below:


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