WATCH: Judge Judy Learns About Grindr


American TV lawyer Judge Judy learned about the existence of Grindr in a case shown on her TV show yesterday, but in her usual fashion, she wasn’t taking any crap in the courtroom.


The 47 year-old plaintiff brought a case against 23 year-old Aaron Murphy, for unpaid loans, which Murphy claimed had been a monetary gift. “Um we met on a social website”, Murphy told the no-nonsense judge. “It’s actually called Grindr…it’s an app for your phone or your iPad. It’s a social app that tells you where homosexual males are and their proximity to where you are”.

Judge Judy wanted to clarify the reason why Murphy was on the app after he revealed they met at Applebee’s [American bar], saying, “Mr Murphy, so what you’re telling me sir is you went on this website in order to find someone who had the same sexual predisposition as you did?” to which the defendant answered “No, it was just to make friends”.

At this point, the hot-headed TV personality blasted, “If I was looking to just make friends, I wouldn’t go on a website that said it’s just for little old Jewish ladies. I would try to expand my horizons”.

The case was dismissed based on the fact that the plaintiff gave Murphy the money with no reasonable expectation of being repaid.

Grindr has been in the news this week after the company announced that it will receive a new look.

Watch the video clip below.

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