WATCH: Lesbian Couple Expores LGBT Life Around The Globe


In new documentary ‘Out & Around’ a lesbian couple leave their lives in San Francisco behind in search of stories of hope from LGBT people worldwide.


Jenni Chang and Lisa Dazols live and work in San Francisco, a city rich with LGBT culture. Recognising their privilege in being able to live an open life – they set off on a year long trip around the globe to explore LGBT life around the world. They talk to LGBT rights campaigners, who they affectionately dub ‘Supergays’ about what it means to be queer outside the western world.

“By the time we finished our not-so-straight journey around the world,” Dazols says, “we had traveled 50,000 miles and logged 120 hours of video footage. We traveled to 15 countries and interviewed 50 Supergays. Turns out, it wasn’t hard to find them at all.”

“What we ultimately took away from our journey is, equality is not a Western invention.”


Watch the trailer for ‘Out & Around’ below:

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