WATCH: Man In Wheelchair Talks First Gay Bar Experience

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Andrew Morrison-Gurza, a gay man who uses a wheelchair, recalls his first experience at a gay bar and talks disability within the LGBT community.


The Ontario native, who has cerebral palsy, talks about the first time he went to a gay bar at the age of 19. He explains, “I remember going up to a couple of guys trying to dance, and having them look at my chair, and not being sure what to do but back away from me.

“So it was almost like parting the sea, because they would see me coming, and all move out of the way, thinking they were being polite, thinking they were moving for me to get through, when all I wanted to do was dance.

“I knew right at that moment that I was different from them, and that’s something that has stayed with me from the time it happened.”

The video was made as a part of an LGBT story archive I’m From Driftwood.


Watch Andrew’s story below:

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