Watch: Man's Singing Drowns Out Homophobic Preacher on Subway


A man helped drown out the homophobic preachers of a man in a New York subway by singing a song from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.


Voice actor Rob Maiale encountered a preacher who regularly shouts about sodomy on the train and decided to try to drown out his preaching with the song, I’ve Got a Golden Ticket, from the famous Gene Wilder movie.

Mr Maiale told Buzzfeed: “I was riding the M train in from Bushwick when this man, who I’ve seen bothering riders before, begin preaching to passengers. Initially he was going on about fornication, okay fine. Then he started denouncing same sex relationships.”

But the preacher then focused on a lesbian couple who was riding the train with their child and Maiale decided that he had enough.

“Then, his ‘preaching’ shifted from a broad audience to a lesbian couple with their child. Asking, ‘What are you going to tell that child when he asks why you’re living in sin and going to go to hell?’ – I decided that this guy wasn’t going to get to talk anymore.”

The passenger who recorded the video wrote that they “stopped the video before the NYPD got on and escorted the preacher off the train.”

What a nice Friday story, if only we could all shut down homophobia with a song!

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