Watch: Mean Girls Star Dances to Bette Midler, Breaks Two Ribs


Poor old Jonathan Bennett has broken two ribs and hurt his arm while dancing to Bette Midler‘s Wind Beneath My Wings.


Bennett, aka totally grool Mean Girls‘ hunk Aaron Samuels, was performing some interpretive dance with two friends, when he fell off the stairs bannister and landed with an almighty thump.

TMZ acquired a video – of course they did – which shows Bennett’s escapades; first, he climbs up the stairs, then lays flat on the banister, before swinging off like Tarzan. His friends rush to his aid when they realise that this probably isn’t part of the routine.

Bennett was celebrating his Dancing with the Stars involvement and fell hard onto the wooden floor.

TMZ reported that Bennett broke two ribs and hurt his arm, requiring a sling for two months.

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