Watch: Nightmare for Trans People in 34 EU Countries


Transgender Europe (TGEU) has, today, published a video to show what trans people must endure in 34 European countries to change their legal name and gender.


The two-minute video shows that trans people must divorce their partner, opt for sexual sterilisation and/or be declared mentally ill just so their country recognises their adopted name and true gender.

Due to these horrific stipulations, many trans people decide not to legally change their name or gender. Therefore, trans people do not have legal documents which reflect their gender.

When asked for proof of identity, a passport, therefore, does not reflect a trans person’s gender, forcing them to come out as trans – because of this, they can be subjected to discrimination and violence, or accused of being a fraud.

Unsurprisingly, then, 73% of trans people in Europe call for better legal recognition of trans people.

“Trans people have a right to access all areas of society, and we have a right to quick, transparent and accessible gender recognition procedures.” says TGEU Executive Director Julia Ehrt: “States across Europe continue to violate trans people’s rights by holding on to inhumane practices. Without ID documents matching their gender identity, trans people are denied a life in dignity and respect.”

The video marks the one year anniversary of TGEU’s “Access All Areas! Recognition Opens Doors” campaign for legal gender recognition, which calls upon European governments to introduce quick, transparent and accessible gender recognition legislation.

Watch the video below:

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