WATCH: Oisin McKenna's New Short Film EAT CLEAN

EAT CLEAN was wriiten by McKenna and directed by Ro Murphy and details the perils of Dry January and too much laughing yoga.

Still of a pink blender form Oisin McKenna's new Short Film Eat Clean

Many of us started off 2018 with promises to drink more water, save more money, and be more mindful. We planned ways to advance our careers, our health and our personal lives. We would be gracious, ambitious and a vision of health. We would cut out dairy, gluten, and Twitter.

Dublin and London based writer and performer Oisin McKenna has tried all of the above and he’s not sure it’s made him happy. No matter how early he rises in the morning, how late he stays at work, and how many green smoothies he drinks in between, Oisin often feels tired, afraid and unsatisfied. Eat Clean chronicles a series of comically unsuccessful attempts at happiness through overwork, over exercise and under sleeping.

Following the success of last year’s viral hit ‘Gay, Male, Votes Fine Gael’, Oisin has collaborated with London based filmmaker and photographer Ro Murphy, to offer up an acerbic and witty analysis of contemporary wellness culture and its endless stream of solutions to modern anxieties.

However, while ‘EAT CLEAN’ is uncomfortably funny, the film ultimately contains a dark and sad underbelly, questioning whether the anxiety, paranoia and alienation that goes hand in hand with life under contemporary capitalism, can really be addressed by a series of neverending lifestyle adjustments.

Oisin is a London and Dublin based writer and performer, working in poetry, theatre and film. He makes queer performances about Ireland, pop culture and politics. His most recent play Gays Against the Free State! (Dublin Fringe Festival, 2016) was nominated for Judges Choice Award at the Fringe Awards. Other work includes GRINDR / a love story (Dublin Fringe Festival, 2013) and Writer / Performer / Salesman (Project Arts Centre, 2013).

So relax, find yourself a comfortable position and watch the film below…

To find out more about Oisin’s work you can visit his website or follow him on facebook.

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