Watch: Panti, David Norris and Brian Finnegan Take Part In #VoteWithUs


VWU_Intro_thThe #VoteWithUs campaign lets voices be heard. With the referendum on Equal Marriage taking place on May 22, listen to the people who a Yes vote will directly affect.


Drag queen and activist, Panti Bliss, Senator David Norris and GCN editor Brian Finnegan tell their personal stories, and talk about the importance of a Yes vote for them and the people they love.

“I think back 50 years ago, to a little hamburger joint on Burgh Quay. After the cinema I went there with the fellow I was in love with then and he said ‘David, I love you, but I can never marry you.’ I’ll always remember that,” says Senator David Norris in his video.
“In the future, people will be able to marry, and good for them.”
Drag queen and activist Panti Bliss aka, Rory O’Neill, says, “I believe all citizens of the state, citizens who are expected to take on the same responsibilities. I mean we all pay the same taxes, I believe that all those citizens should be given the same privileges and rights. And of course I believe that the state should cherish all of our relationships equally. So, for me it’s a no-brainer. I’m voting for equal marriage.”

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