Perez Hilton Reveals All About Gaga Feud


The biggest celebrity blogger on the planet, Perez Hilton, championed the career of Lady Gaga pre-Fame and was even accused of being on her payroll, but in 2011 their friendship turned sour when the singer “got obliterated drunk on Jameson” and deleted Perez out of her inner circle.


Perez had intimate interviews with Gaga in the past
Perez had intimate interviews with Gaga before

The 36 year-old, real name Mario Armando Lavandeira Jr, spoke to Australia’s Mornings about the fall-out, which the public has been hungry for information about but so far been starved of the juicy details. The powerful blogger told the presenters about the interview that would end their friendship, “She was at the top of her game, pretty untouchable, all reporters had to submit questions ahead of time if they were gonna interview her, I didn’t have to because we were friends”.

He went on to tell how he asked Gaga two questions that seemed to upset her, one about her single Judas and the controversy surrounding its meaning, the other about what it was like to date her – which provoked the singer, who stormed off set and then refused further filming days that had been planned for a TV special with Perez.

Upon being asked by the presenters had he tried to “reach out” to Gaga in a bid to reconcile, the humorous blogger snapped, “No. I have zero interest, I don’t need friends like that in my life”. Lady Gaga has parted ways with multiple key members of her team in the past year, including her longterm manager Troy Carter, who scored her a “multi zillion dollar deal” with Interscope Records, as well as her creative director and head of A&R.

Watch the full interview with Perez Hilton on his website. Watch Perez’s previous interview with Wendy Williams where he also talks about his feud with Gaga below.

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