WATCH: Protesters Defend The George From Anti-Abortion Group's Continued Attack On Queer Spaces

We joined the second counter-protest by Radical Queers Resist - RQR outside The George Bar against the extreme anti-abortion group targeting LGBTQ community spaces this week.

Queer protesters demonstrating outside The George Bar

Several protesters joined the second counter-protest organised by Radical Queers Resist, a queer group fighting for change by direct action, in response to an extremist anti-abortion group specifically targeting LGBT+ spaces in Dublin.

Queer protesters demonstrating outside The George Bar

The group already demonstrated outside GCN and Pantibar yesterday, brandishing distressing posters, and today they targeted Outhouse and The George Bar.

Dublin’s much-loved venue was given only 16 hours notice, but General Manager Sophie and her team got in touch with RQR to organise a counter-protest.

50 plus people turned out on South Georges Street to defend the queer community space.

Queer protesters demonstrating outside The George Bar

Many of the people we spoke to told us how the anti-abortion group were filming counter-protesters without their consent and trying to provoke a reaction from them by attempting to engage in distressing conversation.

We headed down to the protest and asked some of the people attending why it was important to counter the anti-abortion protesters.


Jen From Radical Queers Resist

“In targeting LGBTQ people and the spaces where we feel safe which is our gay bars, they are taking away our safe spaces so we have to reclaim that.”

“Queer people have to get behind this movement because trans men can get pregnant, queer women can get pregnant, non-binary people like myself can get pregnant, and we can’t have full queer liberation without reproductive justice and reproductive rights.”


Sophie – General Manager of The George

“The imagery they use, it’s extremely graphic, it’s just horrific and they shouldn’t be allowed do that.”

“Everybody has the right to free speech but it should be a conversation and we should be able to talk to each other, there shouldn’t be scaremongering and scaring people into voting no.”



“I’ve been active for many years for my own rights and now I’m active for all women who can get pregnant’s rights for their choice.”

“The Eighth kills women that’s a fact and anybody who votes no does not realise that. Religion has no place in a woman’s womb.”



“It made me very angry that they were using our image to push their own agenda which isn’t in line with what we preach.”

“It’s important to me that we win this referendum so that we have equality for all and not just for some.”


Ash from Bi+ Ireland

“I think a lot of the time bi people are erased from the queer community and the LGBT+ community and one of the times when I feel most included and supported by other members of the community is at Repeal protests and pro-choice events.

“It’s an issue in which lesbians and gays will often stand behind bisexual and trans folk and other people who are often marginalised with the LGBT+ community. ”


PJ from Radical Queers Resist

“We’re here basically to counter-demonstrate the disgusting and the abhorrent images they are presenting to the public.”

“We just believe that people who have been punished once before by miscarriage or that they have had to travel for a termination shouldn’t be punished again by seeing these images.”


Niamh from Radical Queers Resist

“We are against these images because they are not an accurate representation of what abortion is. They like to say that this is the reality of abortion. The reality of abortion is that around twelve people a day travel to access abortion.”

“It affects LGBT+ people in a huge way as LGBT+ people can still get pregnant, a lot of the time against their will and if they want to access abortion they cant do it in the country.”

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