Watch: Riyadh K’s Anti-Trump Tune is Super Gay

Trump grab em by the pussy

Just in time for the American presidential election, Irish vlogger Riyadh K has released ‘Grab ’ Em By the Pu$$y’ , the catchiest – and queerest – anti-Trump tune of all time.


Just hours after hitting the YouTube airwaves, the video for Riyadh K’s hilarious and hugely catchy tune ‘Grab ’ Em By the Pu$$y’ is racking up thousands of views, and with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton about to go head-to-head at the American polls, it’s right on the button.


Grab em by the pussy 2

“It’s essentially ripping the piss out of Trump, while covering the importance of sexual consent,” says Riyadh, who can be seen gyrating in the video with two hot topless male dancers, and a cat.

A super-sex positive dance anthem, ‘Grab ’ Em By the Pu$$y’ takes as its lead the dictionary definition for the word ‘consent’, and then proceeds to make Donald Trump’s ‘grab em by the pussy’ comment into the smartest chorus hook we’ve heard in a long time.


grab em by the pussy 1


Here’s hoping Hillary Clinton dances to victory tomorrow!


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