Watch: Russell Brand Talks Bruce Jenner, Transphobia


Russell Brand has taken to his Youtube channel The Trews – ‘True News’ – to discuss Bruce Jenner and transphobia in the media.


The British comedian posted a video entitled ‘Bruce Jenner’s Gender Identity: What Should We Think?’ and speaks about how the media have discussed Bruce Jenner’s gender identity which he describes as bullying.

On Friday, Brand posted the video in which he shows clips of American outlets speculating about Jenner’s gender identity.

“For certain sections of the media,” he began, “transphobia seems to be the most recent accepted and encouraged form of prejudice now that racism and homophobia are not tolerated.”

Brand then cuts to a clip of an entertainment journalist saying that “Bruce Jenner is counting down the hours until Halloween so he can throw on a dress, carry around a purse, and not have so many people ask questions!”

Brand discusses the ease with which people judge transgender folk, “What this does,” he continued, “is it sanctions people to be judgmental and cruel towards transgender folk — and this is mainstream media. Mainstream media — it’s the stream, and it’s the most mainstream that there is. So when people see someone in the street who looks transgender, they say, ‘What’s my opinion on transgender again? It’s to point and judge!’”

Russell Brand posts information about trans sites, so people can gain a little more information, such as,, and Golden Globe-winning show Transparent.

Watch the full video below:

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