WATCH: Spicebag Tackle Sex Toys And Kinks In The First Episode Of Beducation

In the first episode of our new online series, we got in bed with Stephen and Sarah from Spicebag to chat everything from hair-pulling to DIY sex toys.

Sarah and Stephen open a box with light coming out of it on the first episode of Beducation.

Beducation is GCNtv’s brand spanking new web series that aims to demystify sex in order to start a healthy discussion about a broad range of topics. Each month, two fabulous guests will attempt to get to grips with the ins and outs of sex – all in the name of education.

In the very first episode of Beducation we got Sarah Deveraux and Stephen Quinn from Spicebag to chat everything from dildos to hair-pulling to butt plugs.

It goes without saying that, from the get-go, this series is very not safe for work.

The Spicebag pair open with a candid discussion on personal experiences of fisting.

“I didn’t get very far,’ Stephen admits. “This guy was having a little go. He got like four fingers deep I’d say, didn’t get past the knuckles, so I haven’t yet graduated to the next level.”

Next, the pair tackle buttplugs, and come up with more affordable alternatives. Sarah suggests: “It’s automatically rocket-ship like, so I think maybe go into Smyths or Toys R Us and get yourself a little rocket.”

As it turns out, Sarah has DIY answers to a number of sex toy subsititues. She shares her own take on pricey nipple clamps:

“I got regular clothes pegs and then I sellotaped a full bottle of nail varnish onto the end, to create a sort of weight to it.”

Though their DIY sex toy tricks are nothing short of genius, not every tidbit on this month’s Beducation is to be taken as gospel. As tempting as it might be, please don’t fashion a dildo from driftwood on the beach. Additionally, it is probably within your interest to not use various items from your toilet cistern as a ball gag, nor is it advisable to disembowel a fleshlight for coffee enema purposes. Or do. Whatever.

Stay tuned to GCNtv for next month’s edition, and follow Stephen Quinn and Sarah Deveraux for updates on all things Spicebag.

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