Watch: Texas Teen Gives Passionate Speech for Marriage Equality


Mason Marriott-Voss, a Texas teen with two moms, stole a marriage equality debate with a sweet and passionate two-minute speech about the importance of bringing marriage equality to his state.


Freedom To Marry President Evan Wolfson was joined by Texas same-sex plaintiff couples at the LBJ Presidential Library in Austin, Texas on Monday night.

Marriott-Voss, aged just 16, spoke in support of marriage equality – he spoke of how same-sex marriage wasn’t possible in any states when his mothers had him 16 years ago. He mentioned how that had changed, but not in Texas.

“There are still people who stubbornly refuse to recognize family even when it’s right in front of them,” he said. “Some people are still genuinely concerned that my parents’ love could harm tradition or erode society, maybe even threaten existing marriages.”

He spoke of how normal his family is; his sister is a straight-A student who likes Gossip Girl, his brother is wearing a Yoda Santa hat every day during December so Texas may have a white Christmas, and Mason himself who is an avid member of the debate team in school. All of this, he sarcastically claims, is an “ominous threat“.

texas teen mason marriott-voss

In the almost two-minute video, Marriott-Voss stated that the only damage being done to his family was the fact that marriage is not allowed between his moms.

“These anti-family laws create a raw deal for kids like me. Marriage is supposed to be a very important issue, but these laws cause children to be raised across the country in homes without it. The most important thing I want you to take away from me today, is that it’s not our families that need to change, it’s Texas.”

If only we were all as eloquent as this Texas teen – he did his family proud.

Watch below:

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