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Gay singer, Sellah met his boyfriend through Tinder and it was love at first date. Now they want to share their positive experience with the world.

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“Being in an interracial relationship, we believe your preferences should not define you”

We were intrigued when Sellah, a gay musician, and his co-writer and boyfriend Vinny contacted us about featuring them on the The two met on Tinder and made a cute video about the experience and they told us they want to promote a healthy and positive relationship in the gay world. We decided to pop them a few questions.

Hey guys, where did you have your first Tinder date?

Our first date was at a park in Sunrise, Florida

Was it love at first sight?

We were not sure what to expect but we were both looking for love at the time. We honestly never stopped seeing each other after that first date.

Do think Tinder is the best app for gay dating?

We honestly are on the fence. Many use Tinder for other reasons, but we both were in an unfamiliar place at the time, so tinder seemed like the easiest place to find someone close to meet in person. We are old fashioned, but because of the revolution of social media, it seems meeting people online is the way to go nowadays. We are all for everything as long as it is natural and not forced.

What was the first song you wrote together and what is it about?

The first song we wrote and put online is called ‘Automatic Lovers’.  It’s a song about loving freely, about when you meet that one person who makes you feel vulnerable, excited, scared, happy all at the same time (like when we first met). It is a song the represents not just the LGBT+ community, but everyone who has ever been in love for the first time or in love with someone they felt could be “the one.” The song is personally about us being together the first year of our relationship. How things felt uncontrollable and moved so fast.

This is the whole personal transition of that connection and spark we had with each other. The song explains how love is something that everyone wants, even if they do not act on it.

People say being in love with a man is wrong, but for us that makes us want it even more. It challenges us to want to prove everyone wrong. That’s where the words “So wrong, but that’s what’s turnin’ me on,” and “love so untouchable” come from.,

Here’s an acoustic version of ‘Automatic Lovers’. The guy playing the guitar is John DeMarco.

What message do you want to give LGBT+ people across the world?

We want to portray that no matter your sexuality, race or gender, a relationship does not need to carry a label. We are all human and face the same problems. Being in an interracial relationship, we believe your preferences should not define you, but the societal pressures make it seem that way. We believe if we can focus on the authentic, real side of our relationship, we can help keep paving the way for future generations accepting LGBT relationships.

Watch Tinder Gone Good below:

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