WATCH - Get The Tissues Ready! Powerful Trailer For Gay Conversion Therapy Movie 'Boy Erased'

Nicole Kidman and Lucas Hedges star in the trailer for the upcoming film adaptation of Garrard Conley's hard hitting memoir 'Boy Erased'.

A still from the film Boy Erased showing two fully dressed young men lying on top of a bed staring into each others eyes

Looking to clear up at next years Oscars is Boy Erased – the true story of Garrard Conley and what happened when his parents tried to cure him of homosexuality. Get those tissues ready in advance people, we think you’re going to need them.

The son of a Baptist preacher, Conley was delivered to gay conversion camp by his parents when he confessed his attraction to other men. His experiences there form the basis for this bound-to-be emotional rollercoaster. We apologise in advance to the person sitting next to us in the cinema.

It’s adapted and directed by Joel Edgerton as a follow up to his slightly more terrifying thriller The Gift. Viewers would be more used to seeing Edgerton in front of the camera as the bee in Di Caprio’s bonnet in The Great Gatsby.

The Australian multi-tasker has packed his movie with fellow antipodean acting heavyweights. Oscar winner Russell Crowe, leaving those Gladiator days far behind, plays Conley’s preacher father, while Nicole Kidman, herself no stranger to awards, due to being the greatest actor in the whole world and all that, dons a wig big enough to lead a life of its own as Garrard’s mother. Lucas Hedges, who made such a huge impact in Manchester By The Sea and Ladybird, brings his doe eyes and trembling lower lip to play Garrard himself.

Fans of queer culture will spot Troye Sivan, the gay actor, YouTuber and singer-songwriter from, guess where, Australia, popping up in the trailer. His song ‘Revelation’, a collaboration with Jónsi from Sigur Rós, is the soundtrack to the clip, and yes, those are tears you feel prickling in the corner of your eye.

Wicked Dublin MPU

Originally due to hit screens in September, Focus Features decided to push Boy Erased all the way back to the distant days of November in order to keep the film fresh in the minds of Academy voters. Looks like they think they’ve got a winner on their hands.

See you in the queue. We’ll be the ones crying in advance.

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