Watch: Two Straight Guys Hold Hands for Homophobia Experiment


Last week, British DJ Iain Lee received a phone call from a gay man who claimed he felt uncomfortable holding his boyfriend’s hand in public, and was often taunted. Lee decided to conduct a social experiment.


Lee decided, along with his fellow presenter Justin Dealey, to walk around Luton holding hands and see how the public reacted.

The results are exactly what you would imagine.

However, Lee and Dealey were surprised by how uncomfortable the whole experience was – a total of ten minutes holding hands – and the number of judgemental glances and homophobic insults they were subjected to.

In other news, water is wet.

Upon receiving one such comment, the two radio presenters decided to follow up on one of the homophobes and enquire why he decided it was okay to make such comments – a teenager whose face was blurred and seemed to be in the company of his mother, who justified his actions. Great.

A camera followed the ‘couple’ and then posted it online, showing just how hard it is for the LGBT community to do something as simple as hold hands with a person of the same sex.

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