Watch: Veda's New Track 'Blowing You Kisses'

Veda and other drag queens in the video for Blowing You Kisses

Veda Beaux Rêves has a new music video on Youtube called ‘Blowing You Kisses,’ and it’ll blow you away


Veda Beaux Rêves’ new song ‘Blowing You Kisses’ featuring Angelina Lovelace, Alicia Ravenswood, Regina George & Pixie Woo is up available on Youtube now.

The video features Veda and the other drag queens dancing in a carpark and looking fabulous!

The bridge’s lyrics are typical Veda: “It’s Wednesday, we’re witches and you’re our submissives. We grant all your wishes, we scratch all your itches. We have you in stitches, cause these evil bitches are de-de-delicious and blowing you kisses.”

The drag queens have adopted the phrase #WitchyWednesday for their drag night on Wednesdays in The George.


Fem Tops Rule The World

Rap verses from Pixie Woo and Regina George follow the first chorus.

“Most of you bitches are basic, all of you paint the same faces, don’t even know what a waist is” sings Pixie.

After the second chorus the drag queens begin to chant “Fem tops rule the world,” before moving into the chorus again.

The video makes use of some great geometric visuals throughout as well as mirror effects, so you’ll never want to stop watching!

Check out ‘Blowing You Kisses’ below:



It’s so catchy, the whole team at GCN towers had to rock out to it!


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