Watch: This Video Perfectly Captures The Stereotypes Gay Men Project On Each Other

gay stereotypes video featuring a muscle bottom in a black tank top

Sick of stereotypes and people assuming you’re a top or a bottom based on your physical appearance or mannerisms?


We’ve all had a friend assume that we’re either a top or a bottom, wanting to slot us in to a specific category based upon the way we look, talk, or behave.

“You’re a bottom, right?” comes the prejudice loaded question, assuming something about what people enjoy in bed.

This video captures perfectly the prejudices that gay men face even amongst themselves, as within the gay community certain stereotypes abound.

If you’re a bear, people might assume you’re a top. If you’re a twink, people might assume you’re a bottom.

This video nails the stereotyping that goes on amongst gay men.


Have you ever had this happen to you?

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