WATCH: What It's Like To Grow Up Trans In The Deep South


‘Deep Run’, a documentary produced by Susan Sarandon, tells the on-going story of trans youth as he struggles for his acceptance rural North Carolina.


Filmed over the course of five years, Deep Run delves into the life of Cole Ray Davis – a young trans man trying to embrace his manhood in the face of opposition from his family and church.

Executive producer, Susan Sarandon has been a long time campaigner of LGBT rights, and said that this is a story that “needed to be told”.

“When I saw the film, I felt that they had been following [Cole] for such a long time and that it was beautifully shot, and then as time went on and we got the Caitlyn Jenner’s of the world, I thought the film became even more important,” Sarandon told The Advocate.

“People who are transitioning do not always have access to the kind of resources that Caitlyn did,” she added.
“You know, there’s people that’s just trying to make ends meet, can’t find a job, problems that a lot of people have in the United States right now with poverty and hunger and homelessness, and then on top of that you add the challenges of transitioning without money for [medication], without real counselling, without the kind of support from a community that is so important when transitioning, and it became more and more important to me that this documentary was something people should see to understand other types of situations where people are transitioning and not just the glamorous life of Caitlyn Jenner.”

The film, directed by Brooklyn filmmaker Hillevi Loven, was premiered last Saturday at the IFC Centre in New York City. Check out the trailer below:

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