Watch: Youtube Twins Come Out To Their Dad

youtube twins coming out

In an emotional video, Youtube twins The Rhodes Bros came out to their dad in a video which they posted to the social media site yesterday.


Aaron and Austin Rhodes decided to record the phone conversation with their dad, in which they were going to reveal their sexuality, and about which they were visibly nervous. They posted the video to be viewed by their almost 65,000-strong subscribers.

At the start of the video, the Rhodes brothers reveal that they have informed their entire family of their sexuality but had yet to tell their dad. They had taken a break from Youtube recently and had decided to come back as “authentic as possible”, which meant telling their father about their sexuality before they spoke about it on Youtube.

They are both extremely emotional once they begin speaking to him, both men find difficulty speaking at times before Aaron returns to the phone and tells their dad their shared secret.

“Well, I don’t really know how to say how else to put it but I’m gay and Austin is too. We just wanted to tell you.”

Austin then speaks, “I want to be able to have you behind us 100 percent and I just don’t want you to, like, not love us anymore.”

This is really the only time the man sounds angry that they would doubt his love for them, he responds, “Stop it! Would you just stop?”

It seems to be a shock for their dad at first and, once revealed, he is surprised and slightly quiet.

However, he tells them in no uncertain terms, “You know I love you both, that will never change.”

Austin reveals he wants things to be normal and their dad immediately responds, “You are normal, what do you mean?”

Once the call has ended, the boys collect themselves and return ten minutes later. Aaron says it all, “I literally feel like 10 million pounds have been lifted from my shoulders.”

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