My Week with ADAM


Last month, Opel Ireland ran a competition for one lucky GCN reader to win an Opel ADAM for a week. Adam Mathews was the lucky winner and he agreed to share his diary for his week with ADAM.


The new Opel ADAM is like no other car in its class. It’s not just its bold stance and the raucous colours, with ADAM, you have a say in the design of your own car.  Adam Mathews drove the two-tone black and white ADAM JAM. Here is how he got on!



I picked ADAM up from the OPEL offices today and my first impressions are that visually the car is gorgeous. I usually clunk around in a little old Nissan Micra, so getting into the ADAM was unreal. A feature that I really liked from the outset is the Start/Stop engine, which basically means when the car comes to a standstill the engine will shut off to save fuel and instantly switch back on as soon as you’re ready to move on! The car handles really nicely and also indicates on the dashboard when to go up in gear, which is definitely something my own car is lacking!





Another day, another excuse to drive ADAM. I’m finding the connectivity features are really impressive. I synced my iPhone through Bluetooth to the car’s Intellilink Infotainment system (it’s compatible with Android too), which meant I could play my music and take calls without touching my phone at all. Winner.






It was a bit blustery when I started out this morning, so I decided to try out the button that heats the steering wheel and the seats on cold mornings. Total luxury! I then tried out City Mode, which can be activated via a switch on the dashboard and is ideal for narrow streets and car parks by reducing the steering effort at low speeds.Then, when I was meeting a friend in town, I got to try out the self-park function. ADAM squeezed me into quite a tight spot, thank you!






Today, as I zipped around the city just for the fun of it, I started thinking about how I’d customise my very own ADAM. My ADAM has the LED starlight illumination on the roof, but you can choose from lots of different design and custom features both inside and outside to suit your own style. Now, that’s something to think about.






Myself and my man drove to a friend’s wedding down the country and got to blast the tunes all the way there. ADAM’s Infinity Premium sound system is great and includes a sub-woofer in the boot! Plus the drive was like floating on air, and on our arrival we turned more heads than the bride and groom managed to do. I thought I’d have to win the lottery to afford a car like this, but Opel Ireland have all sorts of financing arrangements, so maybe it’s not out of my reach after all.  One thing I know for sure, I don’t want to give it back!





See more pictures below.

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