Weekend TV Highlights

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Wondering what to watch this (invariably) wet weekend? Look no further!


Modern Family, Sky 1, 20:30

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Pilot episode of the sometimes schmaltzy, but always brilliant, family sitcom. If you haven’t caught it yet, now is the perfect chance.







Sky Movies Select, 17:30, The Wind That Shakes The Barley

Ken Loach drama following the divergent paths taken by Cork brothers Damien (Cillian Murphy) and Teddy (Pádraic Delaney) during the Irish Civil War. Powerful stuff (2006).





TCM, 21:00, Urban Legend

This oh-so ‘90s horror (complete with Pacey from Dawson’s Creek and pre-30 Seconds to Mars Jared Leto) about a group of college students slowly being picked off by a mysterious killer, in the style of different urban legends. It even has Robert Englund (Freddie Kruger) in a red-herring-y cameo! Nostalgic fare for Leto-lovin’ Nineties’ kids. (1998)






UTV, 11:55 Rest in Peace Mrs Columbo

Ah – nothing says lazy Saturdays on the couch like a big helping of the ol’ one-eyed, one-outfitted Columbo (played by the late, great Peter Falk). This one is a classic: a vengeful woman who blames Lt. Columbo for her husband’s death resolves to kill the detective’s much-mentioned but never-seen wife, Mrs. C. (1990)




Sky Movies Drama, 11:40, J Edgar

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Enjoyable biopic (if of somewhat questionable veracity) about tightly-wound FBI founder J. Edgar Hoover, chronicling his career – including investigations into the gang wars of the ‘30s and the Lindberg baby kidnapping – as well as his repressed love for best friend Clyde (an artistic licence taken by screenwriter Dustin Lance Black: though rumours abound, no definite proof of a relationship exists.). Without a doubt, one of Leonardo DiCaprio’s finest performances. (2011)




RTE 1, 00:15, Born on the Fourth of July

Screen shot 2014-01-10 at 14.10.15It’s virtually impossible nowadays to accept Tom Cruise in any role other than that of potentially deranged highly litigious über-Scientologist, but since Born was made at a time when Tom was more committed to acting than worshipping space aliens, it’s actually a rather excellent movie. Ron Kovics (Cruise) begins as a peppy all-American teen who enlists in the army out of a sense of idealistic patriotism, but ends up a bitter husk of a man, crippled inside and out by his war-time experiences. (1989)



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Sky Movies Select, 17:35 All About Eve
Classic cinema, through and through, from Bette Davis’ withering, lazy-lidded performance to the snappy dialogue (still fresh 64 years later!) Fasten your seatbelts  – it’s going to be a bumpy night! (1950)




Sky Movies Showcase, 20:00, Identity Thief

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Surprisingly funny little romp about a garrulous, gregarious con woman (Melissa McCarthy) who is apprehended by the victim of her con.


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