The Weeknd Called Out For 'F**k You Straight' Lyric

Canadian singer The Weeknd has caused outrage over lyrics that are seen to be homophobic, biphobic and misogynistic.

The Weeknd on stage

The Weeknd has sparked controversy after releasing his collaboration with French DJ Gesaffelstein Lost In The Fire on January 11.

The song sees the 28-year-old singing the lyrics, “You said you might be into girls / Said you’re going through a phase.

“Keeping your heart safe / Well, baby, you can bring a friend / She can ride on top your face / While I f**k you straight.”

The Grammy winner, whose real name is Abel Tesfaye, has received backlash over the song, which is the second single from his new album Hyperion. Many have called out the lyrics for being homophobic and offensive.

One Twitter user expressed her frustration at the singer referring to the idea of female sexualities as a phase and portraying women’s purpose as being the sexual pleasure of men.

“Female queerness is not a phase. Bi women do not exist for your threesome fantasy. Your dick is not conversion therapy. You cannot fuck us straight. What you just described is corrective rape, which queer women are actually threatened with.”

Meanwhile, British songwriter Marika Hackman pointed out how the song “fetishises and diminishes lesbianism.”

Irish songwriter SOAK echoed Hackman’s message, simply writing on Twitter, “Don’t let this go unnoticed.”

Even fans of the Can’t Feel My Face singer are criticising the controversial lyrics, with one fan writing on Twitter, “Considering how much lesbian sex I’ve had while listening to @theweeknd, I’m very disappointed in the gross ‘I’ll f**k you straight’ lyric in his new song.”

She added, “That’s not just homophobic/biphobic. It’s also something a lot of us have been directly threatened with by scary dudes.”

Another fan said, “If u know me u know I LOVE the Weeknd…. but not after his homophobic new song! the lyrics “I’ll f**k you straight” are disgusting fix this and delete the song @theweeknd.”

“@theweeknd’s song is degrading to lesbians everywhere. It’s not a phase. & You can’t f girls straight. disgusted,” another Twitter user wrote.

Actress Jill Gutowitz posted, “I don’t like cancel culture & I’m not saying “cancel the Weeknd,” but these are the kinds of lyrics that fucked me up when I was younger & subconsciously kept me in the closet. so it’s important to talk about and say ‘this is isn’t ok’.”

The Weeknd is yet to respond to the backlash.

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