Westboro Baptist Church Gets Rainbow Laces


Football clubs around the world have been sent multicoloured shoelaces as a part of Paddy Power and Stonewall UK’s #RainbowLaces campaign. Even the Westboro Baptist Church were on the mailing list…


Footballers across the world are wearing the rainbow laces on the field this weekend, to show support for their fellow athletes who are LGBT and to help stamp out homophobia in sports. Paddy Power and Stonewall UK have been hard at work dispersing the laces, and thought the controversial Kansas based WBC could use a pair.

Along with the rainbow laces, the team at Paddy Power included a strongly worded letter to the notoriously anti-gay group, who are known for their ‘God Hates Fags’ slogan.

The letter reads:

Dear hate-filled vermin,
There is no hell so we cannot take any satisfaction in the eventual damnation of your souls.
The only consolation is that your odious doctrine of hate is on an inevitable road to defeat at the hands of the truly important human values of compassion, reason and love.
One day, your poisonous bile will be long forgotten, the world will continue to turn and your descendants will be blissfully unaware of the enmity you once peddled due to a misguided interpretation of God’s will. And quite possibly, they’ll be in gay relationships. Suck on that.
Please find enclosed some Rainbow Laces should you decide to abandon your futile efforts before their inevitable demise.
Lots of (heterosexual, homosexual, platonic and all the other kinds of) love,
The Rainbow Laces Campaign x



The campaign is back by the FA and various UK teams. Even players from Arsenal made a short video expressing their support for gay players on the pitch. Already, the video has been viewed almost 200K times in the past week.

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