X-Factor's Honey G Comes Out, Revealing What That G Stood For

Hold on to your killer snapback and shades combo, X-Factor's Honey G is out, proud and looking for love.


“I do worry about homophobia, but I feel now is the right time to let people know that I’m gay.”

When I say Honey, you say G! Honey! G! Honey! G!

If you’re anything like me, you probably woke up this morning thinking “I wonder if controversial rapping X-Factor contestant Honey G is a lesbian?”. Well fear not, your mind can finally be put to rest.

Honey G, aka former accounts manager Anna Gilford, has officially come out of the closet a year after debuting her, em, “unique” style of rapping on the X-Factor. The 36-year-old rapper not only revealed her sexuality in an interview with The Sun, but also stripped down to her Honey-Double-Gs in a nude photo shoot. While her rapping skills may be an acquired taste, her coming out story and liberating photoshoot is oddly touching.

Just in case you need a quick refresher on Honey G(angsta’s Paradise), check out this clip of the performance that got her through to the live shows on The X-Factor.

In her tell-all interview, G (because for the sake of this article, her last name is G…just go with it) spoke about how she didn’t feel comfortable with coming out during her time on the X-Factor, saying:

“I wasn’t ready at that time to come out to the world. I was quite shy and guarded, I was a bit nervous about people being homophobic and people just not being very kind about it. Some people don’t accept gay people like they accept straight people.”

Worried about “backlash from homophobic haters”, G took her sexuality into her own hands, choosing to come out the same way I did: a nude photoshoot where the only clothes you have on are a snapback and sunglasses.


Honey Double Gs

“I was worried about what people would think, and as well I was worried about people being homophobic. I wasn’t really ready at that point to announce my sexuality to the world.”

As always, the people of the internet were quick to jump in with opinions galore on G’s decision to announce her sexuality alongside a nude photoshoot. While some were harsh (because this is the vast opinionated wasteland that is the internet), Honey G has expressed her thanks for the support she’s received from her fans in the U.K.

During an interview mid-photoshoot, G revealed that she likes “feminine women” and listed off fellow rap artist Queen Latifah, Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy as some of her celebrity crushes.

“In terms of pretty women that I like I would probably say Queen Latifah. Fleur East is very good looking. Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy, but I know Melissa is married.”

She has said that she’s looking to get settled down with someone, get married and have some kids. So who knows? Maybe we’ll be treated to a Vontrappe style group of Honey G and her Baby G’s on the X-Factor in years to come.

Gs love Honey, Honey loves Gs

While G has said that she’s been avoiding dating apps, apparently if you’re interested just tweet her and depending on how she feels she’ll get in touch. You hear that Queen Latifah? Get tweeting.

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