Young Queen's Guards Forced Into Gay Sex Acts In Horrific Hazing

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Two new members of The Queens Guard Regiment of the British Army were forced into sexual acts with each other, while senior guards filmed the initiation.


The Sun has reported that two new members of the prestigious army regiment were forced by fellow soldiers into “sex acts to describe in detail,” while their superiors filmed the entire incident. The men, 23 and 29, were finished their seven months training and just completed their first ceremonial duty at the Tower of London.

After returning from their duty, the men were told to shower before joining the rest of their comrades to watch a rugby match. The Sun reports that when they joined the men, they were forced to strip naked warned they “would be mercilessly bullied” if they did not do as they were told.

Video of the incident was quickly distributed among social media and messaging services like Whats App. A source told The Sun, “The footage had spread like wildfire. Everyone was on their phones and pointing out the blokes it had happened to. They were mocked for being gay, although they were forced into the acts. It was horrific and worse than anything I have ever known in the Army.

“It was totally out of control and the older and more senior guys were obviously ordering them to do what they did. The two guys must both have been terrified,” the source added. “They had no choice in what they were doing, it was bullying at its absolute worst. People should be in jail for this.”

An Army spokesman has stated that disciplinary action has been taken against those involved, saying , “We can confirm an incident did take place and details were referred to the Royal Military Police for an initial investigation. No allegations of coercive or criminal behaviour were made. However this behaviour is unacceptable and administrative action was taken against those present, with disciplinary measures taken against one individual.”

One of the victims remains in the Queen’s Guard, and has reportedly been the target of more bullying. The second victim has reportedly gone AWOL.




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