Zappone Calls For Urgent Review of US 'Pre Clearance' at Irish Airports


Minister for Children Katherine Zappone has called for an ‘urgent review’ of US immigration pre-clearance at Irish airports.


“I am deeply concerned that discrimination maybe [sic] happening at US immigration in Irish airports and am seeking an urgent review,” wrote Minister Zappone on Twitter at the weekend.

Ireland should be prepared to withdraw permission for US immigation officers to carry out ‘pre-clearance’ in Dublin and Shannon airports, said Zappone.

Dublin and Shannon airports are the only airports in Europe providing US pre-clearance, reports The Irish Times.


The legality of the new policy has already been questioned by Ireland’s legal experts. Currently procedure is based on the understanding that pre-clearance procedures do not diminish the rights enjoyed by individuals under the Irish constitition Constitution, reports The Independent.

Zappone’s comments follow the enaction of US president Donald Trump’s controversial ‘muslim ban’, which prevents travellers from seven predominantly muslim countries (Syria, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Yemen and Sudan) from entering the US.

“I think the Irish people would be in favour of that and certainly the Irish-Americans would be favour of that as well,” Zappone said.

“We need to determine whether our Constitution and the international treaties we have signed up to, that those laws operate in context of Irish soil in terms of prohibiting those policies of discrimination against nationalities, and also people of particular religions, that Donald Trump has implemented.”

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