1 in 5 Tested For STI In Last 12 Months Diagnosed With An STI According To MISI Sexual Health Report

A section of GCN that lists the top three places for MSM to meet for sex in the MISI 2015 Sexual Health Report

The MISI 2015 Sexual Health Report is out now


A report on the most extensive ever survey of the sex lives of men who have sex with men (MSM) in the Republic of Ireland has just been published. Over 3,090 men completed the MISI (MSM Internet Survey Ireland) in 2015, and here we present some of the key community findings.


Who completed the survey

10% of respondents were aged between 18 and 19.

47% of respondents were under 30.

25% were between 30 and 39.

28% were over 40.


Where the respondents live

Dublin – 49%

Cork – 11%

Galway – 5%

Limerick – 4%

Other 22 Counties – 31%



79% of respondents identified as gay

13% of respondents identified as bisexual

8% of respondents identified as other


Closeted or out

9% were not out to anyone at all.

66% were out to all or most of the people they know.


Top 3 places to meet for sex

  1. Smartphone apps and internet.
  2. Disco, club, friends, bar.
  3. Sauna, cruising, backrooms, sex parties.



1 in 5 who had tested for a sexually transmitted infection (STI) in the previous 12 months were diagnose with an STI.

This chance of being diagnosed with an STI increased among those with a high number of sex partners.


Statistics from the MISI 2015 Sexual Health Report


US study finding that Bears are more likely to engage in riskier sex, leaving them more exposed to contracting an STI than those who practice safe sex.

Statistics from the HSE indicate that the rate of HIV diagnosis has increased by 75% in the first three months of this year alone, making now a crucial period in Irish MSM sexual health and signalling that safe sex practices which include condom use are more important than ever.

With Pride coming up and celebrations set for tomorrow, be sure to make an informed decision when it comes to using protection when having sex, and consider prioritising safe sex practices.

For extra stats on HIV, condom access and condom use, pick up a copy of GCN or read it on iOS or online here.

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