Watch: OITNB's Lea DeLaria VS Big Boo


Lea DeLaria joined Conan O’Brien this week to discuss the current series Orange is the New Black and the differences between her and her OITNB character, Big Boo.


Particularly their differences in the bedroom department.

Speaking of a scene where Boo “MacGyvers” a dildo from a screw-driver, DeLaria delineated the main difference between her and Boo. After being instructed by producers to climax for “comedic effect” DeLaria decided to have Boo squeak at the crucial moment, something she and Boo do not share in real life. “I’m Italian, honey,” she told O’Brien. “I cum like the 1812 Overture.”

DeLaria, an accomplished jazz singer, also gave O’Brien a tutorial in how to scat.

You can catch the latest season of Orange is the New Black on Netflix, or watch snippets from DeLaria’s Conan interview here.

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