10 Hairless Hunks


We pay tribute to Hollywood’s smooth operators, who go under the wax strips for the sake of their adoring fans. Here’s our 10 favourite manscaped dreamboats.


1. Taylor Lautner

Are we expected to believe that the sallow skinned, dark haired Twilight heartthrob isn’t prone to some chest hair? Yeah right! In his werewolf form he has more than enough fur, but when he’s not shape shifting, Lautner likes the smooth look. And to be fair, so do we!


2. Ryan Gosling

Gosling took his role as a super groomed ladies man in Crazy Stupid Love REALLY seriously. So seriously in fact, that he braved the wax strips for the sake of art. What an actor, eh?


3. Michael Phelps

We’re gonna go ahead and assume that as an Olympic swimmer, body hair can slow a guy down.  We’d like to think that a pre-race wax job is what always gets Michael Phelps the gold.

4. Chris Hemsworth

Even Thor, the God of Thunder himself, managed to find a salon in Asgard.

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5. Liam Hemsworth

Ah bless, The Hunger Games hunk looks up to his big brother Chris so much that went and copied him again. They both were on Home and Away, they both auditioned for the role of Thor… and now they both have matching hairless chests.


6. Cristiano Ronaldo

The soccer star may only be the third most valuable football player in the world – but if there was an award for the most groomed male on the planet, he’d get it!

7. Matt Bomer

Openly gay actor Matt Bomer had to do a bit of manscaping to nab the role of Ken in Magic Mike, saying, “What was important to me was to tell the story authentically, and I wanted to reflect what the dancers in real life do. And that’s part of their job.” Dedication!


8. Zac Efron

The once innocent Disney star is now all grown up. Zac Efron turned up to this year’s MTV Movie Awards looking rather groomed altogether.


9. Alexander Skarsgard

The True Blood star definitely rocks the pasty look – and vampires can’t grow hair anyway, right?


10. Justin Timberlake

JT may be sporting the rugged hairy look these days, but back in the early 2000s he was as smooth as a baby’s arse.



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