113 Trans People In Ireland Now Are Legally Recognised


Since September 2015, 113 trans people in Ireland are finally legally recognised in their true gender.


After two decades of campaigning, Minister for Social Protection, Joan Burton finally signed the commencement order for the Gender Recognition Act, ending Dr Lydia Foy’s long legal battle. Since then, 113 trans people have been recognised in their true gender, including three teenagers under 18.

“Six months after the commencement of the Act we can see that trans people are availing of legal recognition,” said TENI Chief Executive Broden Giambrone. 

“Ireland is unique in that our legal recognition process is simple, straightforward and accessible. We are one of just six countries in the world that expressly allow trans people to self-determine their legal gender.”

Giambrone added, “This has been a significant moment for the trans community in Ireland. We now exist in the eyes of the law.”

Despite this huge step, TENI are still fighting for full equality for the trans community.

“Legislative change is incredibly important. However, there is significant work that still needs to be done to combat discrimination and improve healthcare, education and employment for trans people.

“Trans people and their families have considerable support needs and it is clear that we still need to raise awareness about our diverse experiences. There is still a lot of work to do to ensure all trans people are included in Irish society,” concluded Giambrone.

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