The 12 At 12 - Greatest Gay TV Ads, Ever


Norway recently released an LGBT friendly ad, which aired during the Opening Ceremony of the Winter Olympics. We decided to take a look back at some other great LGBT friendly ad campaigns throughout the years.

Gay people were often treated as a comic element to advertising campaigns, or, in the case lesbians, as sexual objects solely there to turn men on. The list below includes ads that avoided these annoying stereotypes. Some are moving, some are funny, some are sexy – but they’re all inclusive. Enjoy!

1. Guinness (1995, UK)

Almost 20 years ago, Guinness created this inclusive, open-minded and forward-thinking ad. Unfortunately, the rest of the world hadn’t yet caught up and due to many complaints, the ad was banned and never aired properly.

2. Johnnie Walker Vodka (1997, Australia)

Way ahead of it’s time, and possibly a bit overly optimistic (Australia still haven’t legalised gay marriage), this ad from Johnnie Walker focuses on an extravagant lesbian wedding, which is actually very cute and might make you a bit emotional.

3. MTV – (2001 USA)

Short, but sweet, and totally challenging stereotypes, this ad from MTV aired in 2001 and showed that gay people exist in subcultures, even in the adrenaline-fuelled world of skating.

4. Miller Genuine Draft (2001 USA)

It’s true the leading lady in this ad thought she was buying a drink for a man, but she doesn’t seem too disappointed with her mistake.

5. Philadelphia Tourism (2004 USA)

This is a super cute and gay-friendly ad from Philadelphia, highlighting the city’s positive and welcoming attitude to all people.

6. Toyota (2006 Canada)

Brilliant and clever ad from Canada, where a normally disapproving father most certainly approves of his daughter’s new love interest based on the car they drive. He’s just not aware that the driver is a woman.

7. Silverjet (2007 UK)

Silverjet launched this ad campaign in 2007 to highlight their introduction of women-only toilets on board their flights. Effective and utterly hilarious!

8. Levi’s (USA 2007)

Levi made two different versions of their ad campaign in 2007, the gay version airing on the American gay TV network LOGO.

9. Bjorn Borg (2008)

In 2008, fashion house Bjorn Borg decided to launch a fully inclusive dating section on its website. It launched this ad to go alongside.

10. McDonalds (2010 France)

A cute and subtle ad from McDonalds, which they ran in 2010 in France.

11. Muddy York Rugby Club (2011 Canada)

We’d like to dedicate this one to Neil Francis.

12. Bord na Móna (2012 Ireland)

Of course, we can’t leave out an example from home. There weren’t many to choose from, but this ad from 2012 may be a sign of changing times, and hopefully we’ll see many more like it in the not too distant future.

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