12 Most Watched Gay Viral Youtube Videos


It’s 10 years since Youtube began – honestly, how did we even survive without it?


In celebration of the website that brought us such wondrous videos as Charlie Bit My Finger and Star Wars Kid, we’ve trawled through Youtube’s, frankly, billions of videos to find you 12 of the best and most watched gay videos in existence.

12. 10 worst ways to come out

Views: 8, 628, 504

Yeah, these are pretty bad. A nice ‘How not to…’ to get us started.


11. Where straight is the minority
Views: 9, 093, 917

A pro-gay short film that shows the effects homophobia has on young people – it manages to create a realistic portrayal of forbidden love by asking us what would happen if straight people were treated like gay people.


10. Jennifer Aniston finds out about Ellen and Portia’s marriage
Views: 10, 290, 628

What we took from this is that Jennifer Aniston has been to Ellen and Portia’s multiple houses and that makes us pretty happy. It’s cute and real to see their picture-perfect marriage jokingly taken apart. See? Just like ‘normal’ marriages…

Also, Jennifer, your legs.


9. Gay men will marry your girlfriends
Views: 10, 790, 262

Questionable – basing the video on gay stereotypes – but whatever, it’s pretty funny and a nice threat to homophobes!


8. Gay straight guys
Views: 11, 182, 214

Mad TV produced this insanely popular video in which macho football-loving guys suddenly start making out. In one fell swoop, it targets gay stereotypes and the homoerotic nature of sport in general.


7. Tom Daley comes out
Views: 11, 429, 066

Every gay boy’s favourite Olympian, Tom Daley came out to the world over a year ago in a sweet and sincere video. Before breaking the hearts of millions of men by dating Dustin Lance Black.


6. Home Depot Proposal
Views: 12, 756, 512

This is one of the greatest proposal videos on Youtube – let’s be real, it doesn’t come much better than a flashmob.


5. Twins coming out to their Dad
Views: 17, 491, 850

Two of the most attractive people on the internet just happen to be brothers AND twins. In this sweet and emotional video, they come out to their dad.


4. Kids React to Gay Marriage
Views: 25, 654, 713

Part of a Youtube channel about Kids’ Reactions, this video shows kids of all ages reacting to two gay marriage proposals. Depending upon their reaction, you can really tell what their parents are like.


3. Adam and Eve banned commercial
Views: 31, 486, 354

This ad is for an insurance firm. Just let that sink in as you watch and ask yourself why


2. Leave Britney alone – Chris Crocker.
Views: 49, 271, 659

This needs no description – Youtube infamy.


1. Hozier – ‘Take Me To Church’ video
Views: 122,774,158

The song that made a young Wicklow boy, Andrew Hozier-Byrne, into the mononymous Grammy nominee Hozier. Disheartened by the persecution faced by LGBT people in Russia, Hozier wanted to highlight the injustices that these people face on a daily basis – merely for loving someone of the same sex.

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