New Show Documents Irish Gay Lives


Performance artist, Brendan Fox‘s new show, ‘< > = Less Greater Equal’, documents the lives of gay and lesbian people who have grown up in Ireland, and are still not fully recognised.


< > = Less Greater Equal picks the scab of repression, loss, and sexual identity while uncovering deep political undercurrents. Through an unapologetic intimate lens, this work evaluates the personal repercussions of growing and existing in a sociopolitical landscape where one is perceived as less. The performance reflects the lives of gay people who grew up, or currently still abide, in Ireland – a country where they have not been fully represented.

“Looking back, as a kid I felt backed into a corner, I spent the first 23 years of my life pretending to be something I wasn’t, the psychological residue of that self-inflicted falsehood is endless,” the artist says. “I feel like a fake in everything I do. I am always waiting for someone to point me out in a crowd and scream fraud. This work is an attempt to expose that shit, and yeah, I’m fucking angry.”

 = Brendan Fox

< > = LESS GREATER EQUAL 0pens March 5 at 6pm in Nag Gallery, 59 Francis St., Dublin 8

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