20 of TV's Best Gay First Kisses


It’s almost Valentine’s Day – a day of mismatching red and pink, over-buying balloons, and declaring your love to each other because you’ve forgotten to do it the other 364 days of the year. Or if you’re single, it’s time to wallow in your singledom by watching these fantastic gay TV kisses from yesteryear.


1. Queer as Folk – Brian/Justin

One of the most explicit scenes on television opens with Brian – starkers – making out with 17 year-old Justin, and so would continue the love story of a lifetime. Or something. Whatever, they’re hot.


2. Glee – Kurt/Blaine

Kurt, after moving to Dalton Academy to flee homophobic attackers, meets out-n-proud Blaine and their schoolboy relationship flourishes. Ryan Murphy’s vicarious relationship is one to behold.


3. In The Flesh – Kieren/Simon

BBC 3’s pet project, In The Flesh, with a gay lead character, takes the zombie story and turns it on its head. After enduring heartbreak in season one, Kieren finds a new romantic interest in the character of Simon.


4. Torchwood – Jack/Ianto

Hiding from Ianto’s Cyberwoman girlfriend, Jack kisses the life back into him and so begins the alien-human, interspecies relationship. Just let’s pretend that Torchwood: Children of Earth never happened.


5. Orange Is The New Black – Piper/Alex

First non-flashback kiss for Alex and Piper… In the chapel. Blasphemy and nudity, you couldn’t really ask for much more.


6. Hollyoaks – John Paul/Craig

John Paul tells best friend Craig he loves him… Drinking and dancing ensues and they share a kiss. Teenage romance. Sigh.


7. Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Willow/Tara

Awesome lesbian couple in a mainstream and popular tv show, their first kiss was Tara’s way of calming Willow down. Glorious.


8. As the World Turns – Noah/Luke

ALL OF THE SEXUAL TENSION. Luke helps Noah with his tie and so begins one of the most popular gay relationships in soapland. Speaking of soapland…


9. Emmerdale – Aaron/Jackson

Poor Aaron, from shaky beginnings to even worse endings, Aaron’s relationship was doomed from the outset. If you don’t know anything about their relationship, don’t even bother – it’ll just stomp on your heart. But enjoy this cute first kiss.


10. Grey’s Anatomy – Callie/Arizona

Well, that escalated quickly. Tearful and drunken kissing is a staple of lesbianism (or so you would assume) it started one helluva complicated and long-running lesbian relationship. Though it was written by the glorious Shonda Rhimes so we can expect a good amount of gay representation.


11. Shameless – Mickey/Ian

This isn’t the start of Mickey and Ian’s relationship – they’ve been sleeping together for almost two seasons – but it’s their first kiss. They have a pretty turbulent relationship, to say the least, and Mickey grows jealous of Ian’s semi-relationship with another man so, here we go!


12. Xena Warrior Princess – Xena/Gabrielle

The stuff of dreams for every lesbian growing up in the 90s.


13. Oz – Keller/Beecher

Oz, a violent staple of television, introduces Beecher and Keller’s relationship as one of the most fucked up encounters in television history. Keller is a violent psychopath, Beecher has been made an example of – then they have one of the most violent and, frankly, frightening relationships on television.


14. Pretty Little Liars – Emily/Maya

While dealing with a dead friend and a lying bunch of asshole friends, Emily still managed to find the time to grab a hot girl to start a relationship with. Following, of course, there is blackmail and more death. Grand.


15. Spartacus – Nasir/Agron

What a homoerotic show, with an adorable gay couple – their first kiss is sweet, one which Agron uses as a weapon to stop Nasir from attempting to fight when he is already injured.


16. True Blood – Jason/Eric


It’s only a dream sequence but who out of you wouldn’t want to see Ryan Kwanten and Alexander Skarsgard making out?


17. The L Word – Tina/Bette


The two most stable people in the entire show – along with having the most stable relationship (most of the time) – flashback to the beginning of their relationship.


18. Orphan Black – Cosima/Delphine

Two lovely lady scientists going at it – there is nothing much better. With a disingenuous start, their relationship develops. We can only hope to know what will happen next.


19. Glee – Brittany/Santana

On/off couple, Brittana have finally got their act together in this season of Glee and are now engaged, much to the joy of any girl who had a covert lesbian affair in school…


20. Ugly Betty – Justin/Austin

Aw, back in the day, it was nice to see the progression of gay teen Justin’s journey of self-discovery, up to his first kiss. Honestly, who wasn’t rooting for him?

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